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CasaGalleria is an unconventional art gallery. Founded in 2018 in the Swiss Italian Alps surrounded by vineyards of Merlot. An enchanting Italian architecture old house welcomes visitors from all over the world attracted by the love for ART and the majestic scenario of MonteGeneroso.

A cozy place to discover contemporary and International artists in photography, painting, mixed media art, illustration and draw. We give a voice to the American Black Artists as Tyler Mitchell and Mark Thomas Gibson supporting the #BlackLivesMatter social movement. Artworks associated with the pop and street art are the main part of our art collections such as: Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Banksy, Ed Ruscha, Daniel Arsham, Jack Burton, JR, Invader, and more.

We believe in an innovative art as a reflection of the current state of our existence. CasaGalleria has now a unique space in the Metaverso for showing digital and physical art. Our NFT's collection includes Edgar Plans and Alien Frens. We are using the most advanced technology to allow us to meet collectors in an environment where limitations physical world are no longer apply but meeting people feel almost as real as the physical touch.
CasaGalleria supports you to start collecting art and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), or assisting in helping grow your own collection.

Artists at Art International Zurich 2022:
Yuri Catania
Pierre Pellegrini
Lorita Preiano
Veronica Barbato
Laura Ceretti
Marshall Vernet
Marco Lupi


Marshall Vernet's photography has been influenced by his love for French cinema and early European black and white imagery.
His black and white photographs have a dark strength to them that combine the look of a charcoal drawing and a classic film noir.

He also traveled the world finding images and locations for Hollywood feature films and commercials. He worked very closely with Tony Scott as a location consultant on such films as "Déjà Vu" with Denzel Washington, "The Fan" with Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes, "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman, and "Domino" with Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke.
This experience combined with ten years as a commercial director himself has manifested into a collection of very striking and powerful black and white photographs which seem to have one foot in the world of classic photographic imagery and the other in a contemporary world of computerised stylings.
Marshall Vernets's works are on show with CasaGalleria.ART, a young and dynamic art gallery in Ticino at Art International Zurich from 13 to 16 of October at Zurich Convention Center.

CasaGalleria.ART - Rovio, Switzerland (2022) / Kunst in Szene - Loeba Treuhand - Lörrach, Germany (2019) / Galeria Spazio Farini 6 - Milan, Italy (Group. 2018) / Nicolette Rusconi Art Project - Agrate Conturbia , Italy (2018) / Sarteano Castle - Tuscany, Italy (Two artists, 2017) / Mia Image Art Fair Prize Winner Milan / Nicolette Rusconi Art Project - Agrate Conturbia , Italy (2017) / Alson Gallery - Milan, Italy (Solo, 2017) / Antonacci Lapiccirella Fine Art Gallery - Rome, Italy (Solo, 2017) / Tournemine Gallery - Gstaad, Switzerland (Group, 2016) / Tournemine Gallery - La Baule, France (Group, 2014) / Samasi Gallery - Gstaad, Switzerland (Solo, 2014) / Gallery Art et Miss - Paris, France (Group, 2014)

WOPART Fair / Casagalleria - Lugano, Switzerland (2021) / Milan Image Art Fair / Casagalleria - Milan, Italy (2021) / WOPART Fair / Galeria Spazio Farini 6 - Lugano, Switzerland (2019) / Photo Basel / Galeria Spazio Farini 6 - Basel, Switzerland (2019) / Foto Fever / Galeria Spazio Farini 6 - Paris, France (2018) / Art Elysées / Galerie Photo 12 - Paris, France (2018) / WOPART Fair / Galeria Spazio Farini 6 - Lugano, Switzerland (2018) / Milan Image Art Fair / Galerie Photo 12 - Milan, Italy (2018) / Art Paris / Galerie Photo 12 - Paris, France (2016) / Photo LA / Galerie Photo 12 - Los Angeles, USA (2015) / Fotoforever / Galerie Photo 12 - Paris, France (2015) / Art Elysées / Galerie Photo 12 - Paris, France (2015) / Milan Image Art Fair - Milan, Italy (2015) / Milan Image Art Fair - Singapore, Asia (2014)


Yuri Catania is an Italian-Swiss artist. He began his career as a photographer in the field of fashion and luxury. He has been traveling the world for over 15 years with his New York based photography production house. At the same time, the deepest photographer's satisfactions and emotions come from his intimate research that catches hidden feelings among the particulars, a keen look that captures the great messages of small things, far from the refined luxury sparkle.
The turning point came in 2013 when the curator Rene Julien Praz noticed his works and invited him to exhibit in Paris first at the Palais de Tokyo and then, at the Perrotin Gallery in 2015 in two collectives "Art Is Hope". He continues a path of international exhibitions. Today photography for him is a means of expression and not an end. He creates mixed media art works where he experiments with the use of different materials and forms of language.
His mind is FULL OF BAD IDEAS 🤟

2022: IMPERFECT, photography charity project in collaboration with IEO - MONZINO Milano, curated and promoted by Giulia Molteni, Milano, Italy / My Generoso: Una Montagna per Amico, in collaboration with Ferrovie MonteGeneroso curated by Patrizia Cattaneo, Fiore di Pietra MonteGeneroso, Switzerland / collective NFT art exhibition, Global Art Roma, Palazzo Merulana, Roma Italy / SIFEST, collective exhibition at Savignano Photo Festival in collaboration with Rilegno, curated by Alessandro Curti - Still Gallery Milano, Savignano sul Rubicone Italy
2021: MAROGGIA STREET ART FESTIVAL, Wall installation (Paste Up) in combo with, the tape artist No Curves., Maroggia Ticino Switzerland, curated by Patrizia Cattaneo / Art show Solo Stand, Black Flowers Secret Garden, with Casagalleria Rovio Switzerland at Mia Photo Fair Milano Italy, Wop Art Lugano CH and at Art International Zurich CH / Black Flowers Secret Garden Solo Exhibition at Artrust gallery Melano curated by Patrizia Cattaneo / Solo Exhibition American Flag Video Game, at Artrust gallery Melano Switzerland, curated by Patrizia Cattaneo / Land - Street Art solo exhibition, I Gatti di Rovio, over 120 paste up installation in the Val Mara towns of Rovio, Melano, Maroggia, Arogno Ticino, curated by Patrizia Cattaneo
2019: HOTEL GALLIA, Assoluto in collaboration with Posh Magazine, curator Enrico Cammarota, Milano, Italy / CENTRO CULTURALE CANDIANI, No Fashion Places of America, Venezia, Italy /
2018: LEICA Galerie and Store Milano, LEICA TALK with YURI CATANIA, Human Light Message project, curator Leica Team, Milano, Italy
2017: OFFICINE FOTOGRAFICHE MILANO, No Fashion Places of America, curator Livia Corbò, Milan, Italy / #WITHREFUGEES, by UNHCR c/o spazio Big Santa Marta, Milan, Italy / MIA PHOTO FAIR, curator Fabio Castelli, Milan, Italy / No Fashion Places, Château Monfort, Milan, Italy
2016: Photo 16, at Maag Hallen, curator Adrian Ehrat, Zurich, Switzerland / ART IS HOPE, curator Renè Julien Praz, c/o Perrotin Gallery, Paris, France / MIA PHOTO FAIR, curator Fabio Castelli, Milan, Italy
2015: No Fashion Places Of America, Milan, Italy
2013: No Fashion Places, at Palais de Tokyo, curator Renè Julien Praz, Paris, France
2011: No Fashion Places at White Show, Milan, Italy
2007: No Fashion Places at Antonioli, Milano, Italy


Marco Lupi is a Ticino artist, was born in Balerna in 1958 and lives in Mendrisio. He's renowned all over in Switzerland, French, Germany, and worldwide in cities like London. His paintings speak for him, a sensitive and introverted artist who, through painting, manages to express with strength and character the most intimate part of his life and the feelings related to objects and people who have had a significant role for him.
Marco Lupi paints strange worlds on canvas in sizes 150 cm x 200 cm. Characters with eclectic anatomy, women, and men are full of meaning and become recurring elements in his works. In Lupi's stories, other objects return as a dog, vehicles, and various ordinary things, all in a strongly dreamlike atmosphere.
His art strikes due to the expression of a dual world between dream and reality. Many of his artworks take inspiration from his imagination that he translates onto canvas through painting. At the same time, the truth influences the author who paints to express what is the story of his most intimate family circle.
Marco Lupi's paintings are full of history and emotions. Intense and authentic, the result of a life where the ideals and the good ones represent the true wealth by the author who has the noblest and kindest soul.
There is another element that makes Lupi's paintings magnetic, and it is their three dimensionality. The author signs his artworks by insertion with coloured fabric pieces in the acrylic paste so that the color becomes even more material to amplify his message and make it even more authentic. Marco Lupi's works are on show with CasaGalleria.ART, a young and dynamic art gallery in Ticino at Art International Zurich at Zurich Convention Center.

« Art does not reproduce what is visible, but it makes visible what is not always visible. » - Marco Lupi

2019 Fiore di Pietra, Monte Generoso - CH / 2018 Venice Art Projects, Venezia, a cura di Artrust - Italy / 2017 EFG Bank, Locarno - CH / 2016 casa comunale di Melano, a cura di Artrust - CH / 2013 Galerie Le Cube, Estavayer le Lac - CH / 2012 Sala del Torchio, Balerna - CH / 2011 Galerie Plexus, Friburgo - CH / 2009 10 tavole del libro "Gli Gnomi d'oro del Monte Generoso", Brüder-Grimm-Museum, Kassel - Germany / 2009 Galerie Bleu de Chine, Fleurier - CH / 2009 Casa Pessina, Ligornetto - CH / 2009 10 tavole del libro "Gli Gnomi d'oro del Monte Generoso", Biblioteca Cantonale, Lugano - CH / 2008 Palazzo comunale, Riva San Vitale - CH / 2007 Galleria Tabl'art, Le Locle - CH / 2006 Palazzo comunale, Bioggio - CH / 2003 Galleria Mosaico, Chiasso - CH / 2003 Galerie La Ferme du Désert, Losanna - CH / 2003 Galerie Moulin de la Tourelle, Valangin - CH / 2002 Galleria La Nevera, Gordola - CH / 2002 Galleria l'ARAC, Vallorbe - CH / 2001 Galleria La Loggia, Carona - CH / 2000 Studio D'Arte C. Gulminelli, Mendrisio - CH / 1999 Oratorio S. Rocco, Ponte Capriasca - CH / 1998 Banales histoires du quotidian, Musöe du Pays et Val de Charmey - CH / 1998 Galerie Grossen, Grenchen - CH / 1997 Ferratec AG, Rudolfstetten - CH / 1997 Galleria ZOZOS, Cernusco sul Naviglio - Italy / 1996 ARAC, Vallorbe - CH / 1995 Studio D'arte Carlo Gulminelli, Mendrisio - CH / 1995 Galerie Château de Môtiers - CH / 1994 Villa delle Isole di Brissago, Brissago - CH / 1994 Galleria Teodote, Pavia - Italy / 1993 Sala del Torchio, Balerna - CH / 1993 Société de Banque Suisse, Petit Lancy - CH / 1992 Finter Bank Zürich, Chiasso - CH / 1991 Galleria L'Incontro, Lugano - CH / 1988 Galleria La Prella, Genesterio - CH


Pierre Pellegrini (1968 in Sorengo) had specialised in architectural design and then realised his dream of becoming a sports teacher. During this professional development, he continued to devote himself to photography.
For him, photography is a wonderful means of communicating and at the same time conveying emotions to the viewer. Pellegrini is not quite sure whether it is he himself who is looking for the subjects or whether it is the subjects who are looking for him. But whenever such an encounter takes place, an image emerges that perfectly suits him and his personality.


Veronica Barbato (1981, Caserta) is an artist based in Lugano and Reggio Emilia, MA in Photography with Mustafa Sabbagh at Spazio Labó (Bologna, Italy).
Creator and organizer of independent exhibitions, blitz in villas before renovation, with international and Italian artists. Photography is the medium that accompanies her in most of her projects, but theater and dance have been the fundamental aspects of her personal and artistic formation.

Theater has educated her in performativity, an aspect present in each of her artistic projects, particularly those related to street art, where even the spectators, unknowingly, mingle with her actions.
Her improvisation and resourcefulness, inherited from her theatrical experience, are not only manifested in her artistic practice: these are indispensable in her activity as an organizer of events, which focus on the dissemination and appreciation of art, her own and that of others.