Chris van Weidmann


"You must learn to open your eyes" (Galileo Galilei) and only then is it possible to detect the tiny writing in Chris van Weidmann's pictures with absolute accuracy. In perfect handwork calligraphy produces breathtakingly precise works. Viewed from a distance, they form a picture; only when you look closely do you realise that the entire work consists of the artist's handwriting.

The hair-thin works in ink pencil sharpen the eye for tiny wonders of nature or stories from everyday life. In all of the handwritten unique pieces Chris van Weidmann combines the subtle art of image, word and text content. Already at the age of 10 she taught herself the art of calligraphy and has kept this passion until today. "With my works I want to achieve that people look more closely and understand that some things are only visible at second glance".