Smart Ship Gallery


Smart Ship Gallery was founded in 2011 in Tokyo. Since then, Smart Ship has continuously enriched Art International Zurich with its global view of the contemporary spirit.

Smart Ship presents works by contemporary artists internationally under the guiding principle that individual dignity and identity can be built and conveyed through art. Smart here stands for the promotion of creative thinking. Ship, the ship traditionally connects not only trade but also art, culture, and social life of Japan with the world. Smart Ship makes extraordinary creations from all over the world accessible to the public in order to promote cultural and social creativity with the help of a conscious living intellect.

Art should be strongly integrated into society. In all eras, art is something created by people, its meaning lies in the unique human expression that reflects social realities. Smart Ship assumes that interest in and demands on art are rooted in elementary humanity, the longing to understand one's own self and to fill it with life, as well as to allow subsequent generations to participate in it.

Logo Smart Ship Gallery Tokyo
Logo Smart Ship Gallery Tokyo
Japanese contemporary Art

Artists at the fair 2021:
Tomohiro Mae
Katsuyo Matsumaru
Kazuki Matsumura
Aiko Mizutani
Kumiko Tamura
Noriko Takaoka
Taeko Tsunoda
Katsuya Ueda
Sachiko Yabuki