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CasaGalleria MonteGeneroso presents the "Black Flower Secret Garden" by Yuri Catania.
An intimate photographic journey that reveals blooming flowers swallowed by the darkness of a dreamlike garden in Ticino.

This project was created during the first Lockdown in March 2020, Yuri Catania carefully observed the world around him, surrounded by luminous and colourful flowers floating in a dreamlike and intimate - typical of the night hours - dimension. In his constant search for uniqueness and the desire to combine different means of expression, Catania intervenes in the photographs.
Some he alters with painterly interventions, others by inserting female figures. These were digitally modelled in 3D. They are symbolic women who, sleeping in the tranquillity of nature and surrounded by flowers, rediscover their essence free from beauty stereotypes, racial prejudices, and sexual objectification.

Yuri Catania is a Swiss Italian visual artist. He started to work as a photographer and video director in the field of fashion and luxury. Due to the countless trips around Asia, mostly in Japan and the United States, being in contact with different people, cultures, and landscapes, his outlook evolved quickly. And thus, the media of photography has become not enough for his creativity that has deviated into new languages like digital manipulation, lettering, painting, and collages.
Yuri Catania set a tone for his career when the art curator Renè Julien Praz invited him to exhibit at Palais de Tokyo firstly and, at the Galerie Perrotin two years later. Catania research the beauty of life in the small things showing a realistic vision of this time.

Artist at the Fair:
Yuri Catania

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