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Switzerland / Israel

« Un original pour chacun » - A bridge of culture!

Three contemporary artists from different backgrounds and countries are presented at this year's ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH. The exhibition 'From Tel Aviv to Berlin and Zurich' gives the visitor an insight into how culture and art are connected.

ASNABY is a French Israeli artist currently living in Tel Aviv where he creates his artwork. He is fascinated by "wheels", which led him to create the Wheelbook and the series of Wheel paintings. The series represent the wheel of history, of which humanity is a part.
Asnaby is a Parisian-born painter of themes concentrating on concealment, stigma and covering, challenging historical information held to be "the truth." He has studied with various artists from the Italian and Spanish "nouvelle vague," and especially with his teacher Herzl Emanuel. Asnaby moved to Tel Aviv in 2012.
His new work is more personal, as visible in the new series, Devour and Give Birth (Bolea-Laledet), in which he himself is involved as the subject. The man in the painting is full of conflicting emotions, sensations, and behaviours, confronting his former identity as an "exile" as he takes on a new identity as an Israeli.
Actually, he stores these emotions, swelling to a point at which he is unable to recognize himself anymore but must "digest" to give birth to the new self. For the past 20 years, Asnaby's œuvre has created broad interest across international exhibitions and private collections.

Contemporary artist MAKA is of Georgian origin and resides in Switzerland. Her artwork is a flow of colours, magical, and intriguing. With the vibrant use of colour, ALONA HARPAZ tries to bring some humour into her paintings. In many ways her work is about finding balance and harmony between opposing forces. Alona Harpaz lives and works in Berlin.

Artists at the Fair 2021:
Alona Harpaz
Maka Dadiani