Silvia Strobos

The main theme in the works of Silvia Strobos is the different ways in which people are connected with each other. She is always looking for new ways to visualize human interaction with colour and canvas as a medium.

Her paintings are made up of many layers of people that are not visible at first sight, this corresponds to the sometimes incomprehensible and complex human interactions. In addition to her personal interest in people, the changing society through the internet and social media has triggered Silvia Strobos' urge to address this new and unique situation.

Image by Silvia Strobos

Silvia Strobos: Meeting people / Acryl auf Acrylglas (Plexiglas), 70 x 70 x 10 cm, 2020

Image by Silvia Strobos

Silvia Strobos: People theme / Acryl auf Plexiglas