Gold Gallery - Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti uses 23.6 carat gold to sublimate the effect of materials and textures, in search of a realistic representation that evokes emotions. He creates delicate but intense works of great depth. His definition of luxury? Access to emotions through works of art.

Jean-Philippe Rigotti was born in Savoy in 1970. He comes from a long line of stone sculptors in Italy. After studying painting and engraving with his grandfather Edouard, a very versatile artist, he was trained in marble sculpture by his father Julien, a master sculptor. He then concentrated on a discipline invented in the mid-1970s by his grandfather, who had the vision to develop a world of combining several artistic techniques: engraving 23.6 carat gold leaf.

Today Jean-Philippe Rigotti creates unique pieces of art: he took up his grandfather's project and put it into practice. His work is the result of twelve years of research and in-depth study of various techniques. Over the years, thanks to gold as his DNA, he has shaped his artistic approach, creating delicate, sparkling artworks engraved on 23.6 carat gold leaf.

In an effort to achieve a minimalism that sublimates the original beauty, he appropriated photography. He deconstructs with the aim of better transforming space into emotion. Emotion of a gaze, a texture, a body, a skin texture. Thanks to the striking contrast between the shine of gold and the depth of black, it arouses all the senses.
Although his monochrome works are reminiscent of daguerreotypes, his work is strongly influenced by the emotions of Caravaggio's chiaroscuro and the genius of Pierre Soulage, who confronts us with the power of black. It is an exclusive technique of the artist, who is still the only one in the world to offer a real three-dimensional work on gold leaf.

Image by Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti: Passion/ Gravure originale sur Or 23,6 carats, 85 x 69 cm, 2019
Un touchant effet de texture de la peau de cet animal emblématique. Et surtout un questionnement sur notre relation au monde et son avenir. Il se dégage une puissance érotique intense. Une œuvre torride, sexy et mystérieuse.

Image by Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti: Force tranquille / Gravure originale sur Or 23,6 carats, 84 x 70 cm, 2019

Image by Jean-Philippe Rigotti

Jean-Philippe Rigotti: Champion/ Gravure originale sur Or 23,6 carats, 82 x 69 cm, 2019
La magie de l'Or pour rendre hommage à la plus belle conquête de l'homme. L'expression de son œil est particulièrement réussie.