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The year 2018 was an exciting milestone for ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH: the 20th anniversary!
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH has always been a forum with the aim of making contemporary art accessible to a broad public. This critically acclaimed art fair presents a wide range of artistic concepts in an exhibition dedicated to dialogue.
The 20th edition of ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH has further consolidated its reputation as a top-class art fair in Zurich. In particular, its international orientation, which is unique in the art fair landscape, ensures fascination and a lasting impression. Works of art from the fields of painting, graphics, sculpture and photography will be on display.
Already at the preview, many art lovers gathered for an aperitif and a tour of the stands. At almost all the stands it was possible to talk personally to the artists present about their work. The hall was full and busy until the last day of the fair. The majority of the exhibitors at ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH were also satisfied with the fair. Many exhibitors recorded lucrative sales and orders, but also stressed the high value of the contacts made here. The fair continues to score highly as a public success in Zurich.



Aile Gallery
Seoul, South Korea  
Showcased artists: Yoon Eunjeong / Kang Hoseong / Kim Hyemi / Ko Injae / Kim Kangtae / Kim Yongwon / Cheon Yugyeong

Saint Paul de Vence, France
Showcased artists: Niki de Saint Phalle / Joan Miró / Marc Chagall / Andy Warhol / Alexander Calder / Fernandez Arman / Max Ernst / Jean Miotte

APPA Art Gallery
Madrid, Spain
Showcased artists: Daniel Barroso / ederico Osorio / Julio A. Alonso

Murielle Argoud
Morges, Switzerland
Info: PDF

Art Me Association
Horgen, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Alexander Mordvintsev / Iana Samoilenko
Info: PDF

ARTelPOINT Galerie
Zürich, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Elena Lagun / Sergey Dubroff (JODU) / Corina Wolfram (COCOW)

ArteMorfosis - Galería de Arte Cubano
Zürich, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Onay Rosquet / Hector Frank / Santiago Rodriguez Olazábal / Mabel Poblet / Carlos Quintana / Osy Milian / Adislen Reyes / Lancelot Alonso

Dario Attanasio
Schlieren, Switzerland

alpengluehen art group

Ragela Bertoldo
Heimenkirch, Germany

Alexandra von Burg
Tesserete, Switzerland

BB Contemporary

Clémentine Gallery
Aix-en-Provence, France
Showcased artists: Peppone / Elmago

Francesco Cusumano
Bülach, Switzerland  

Mittweida, Germany
Showcased artists: Frances Schandera-Duarte / Everett Duarte

Excellence Art Gallery
Marbella, Spain
Showcased artists: Bien Tran / Consuelo Buesa / Massimo Cedrini / Ekatherina Savtchenko / Betiana Bradas

Armando Garlun
Pully, Switzerland / Mexico

Glas Art Gallery
Zürich, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Massimiliano Schiavon Art Team / Peter Layton

Halde Galerie
Widen, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Niki O'Hare / Heidi Thompson / Kelly O'Neal / Alice Teichert / Kimberly Kiel / Evelyne Brader-Frank / Emily Bickell / Angela Morgan

Alice Hanakova Sloane
Freienbach, Switzerland

Galerie zum Harnisch
Allschwil / Basel, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Laurence Gartel / Oliver Fauser / Dan Gerbo / Priska Medam

Hasler and Colbert
Einsiedeln, Switzerland
Showcased artist: Envita Hasler
Info: PDF

Nadia Heitmar
Grüt (Gossau ZH), Switzerland

Kerstin Hochuli
Horgen, Switzerland  

Michał Jackowski
Białystok, Poland

Rafka / Simon Kessler
Zollikon, Switzerland

Galerie GK / Gabriele Kulstrunk
Baden, Switzerland

Gallery Lee and Bae
Busan, South Korea
Showcased artists: Miyuki Yokomizo / Mi-Hei Her

Galerie Makowski
Berlin, Germany
Showcased artists: Beso Rostiashvili / Lana Turmanidze / Dotka / Sabine Asgodom / Mira K. Ceti / Nadine Ajsin / Judith Rabl / Barbara Süßmeier

Galerie Manceau
Paris, France
Showcased artists: Christian Della Giustina / S. Kristol / Jean Pierre Dupin / Maxime Plancque
Info: PDF

Daniel Marín
Murcia, Spain

Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR
Engelberg, Switzerland  
Info: PDF

Marie-Noëlle Ronayette
Forcalquier, France

SaSa-Art / Stefano Sanna
by wkomma Art Management, Cologne
San Pantaleo, Italy

Madeleine Saxer
Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Info: PDF

Ruth Senn
Davos, Switzerland
Info: PDF

Smart Ship Gallery
Tokyo, Japan  
Showcased artists: Katsuyo Matsumaru / Kazuki Matsumura / Noriko Takaoka / Taeko Tsunoda / Hiroki Yoshida
Info: PDF

Kristina Sretkova
Berlin, Germany

the gallery STEINER
Vienna, Austria
Showcased artists: Samir Sammoun / Eva Dvorak / Traute Macom

Nik Streiff
Pfaffhausen, Switzerland

Silvia Strobos
Küsnacht, Switzerland  

The Gallery
Lugano, Switzerland
Showcased artists: Jorna Newberry / Bugai Whyoulter / Warlimpirringa Tjapaltjari / Ronnie Tjanpijinpa / Agnes Nampijinpa Brown / Julie Nangala Robinson / Chantelle Nanpijinpa Robertson / Yaritji Young / Bobbywest Tjupurrula
Info: PDF

Karin Thür
Altstätten, Switzerland

Martina Villiger
Zürich, Switzerland
Info: PDF

Galerie Wahrenberger
Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Showcased artists: John Kiki / Friedrich Sebastian Feichter / Douglas Kemp / Thomas Sarbach / Luis Defuns
Info: PDF

Annemarie Waibel
Zollikerberg, Switzerland

Chris van Weidmann
Elgg, Switzerland  
Info: PDF


Maura Patrizia Zoller
Eich, Switzerland

Review Zurich 2018

20 years of Art Fair Zurich

"The fascination of ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH lies in the diversity of the exhibits, which range from the classical forms of expression of painting and sculpture to multimedia, photography and installation. On display are figurative and abstract, conceptual and spontaneous, in small and large formats, by new and established artists.
Of particular interest to the many visitors is the traditional dialogue with the artists who regularly attend. These discussions of works characterise the refreshing mix of artists and galleries and make the fair attractive to a wider audience.
Exciting industrial architecture in large halls with plenty of natural light provides the modern and atmospheric setting for ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2018. The art fair takes place in the historic Foundry Hall of the Puls 5 building complex in the trendy Zurich West district. Where industrial production was once revolutionised, art now takes centre stage. The Giessereihalle is the heart of Zurich's liveliest and hippest district. Here you will find the urban lifestyle that makes Zurich an international metropolis. The city's cultural mile, with its world-class collections, museums, galleries and theatres, stretches all the way to Puls 5." (bbifa.com 2018)



Exhibitors of RHY ART SALON BASEL 2018

Dario Attanasio
Zurich / Switzerland

alpengluehen art group (aag)

Rosmarie Burger
represented by Art Gallery Vijion, Ortisei / Italy

Jin Sook Choi
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Jin Soon Choi
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Balázs Deim
represented by Art Capital Foundation, Szentendre / Hungary

Egon Digon
represented by Art Gallery Vijion, Ortisei / Italy

Antonia Pia Gordon
Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Jung Hee Hong
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Eun Ju Heo
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Kerstin Hochuli
Horgen / Switzerland

Michal Jackowski
Białystok / Poland

Young Hee Jung
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

In Joo Kang
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Hyun Ja Kim
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Peter Keller
represented by BB Contemporary Switzerland

Soo Yeon Kim
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Josef Kostner
represented by Art Gallery Vijion, Ortisei / Italy

Kyung Min Kwak
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Yong Ja Kwon
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Aie Sook Lee
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Sia Lee
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Young Lee
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Cornelia Lochmann
represented by Art Gallery Vijion, Ortisei / Italy

Soraya Luyeh
Baden / Switzerland

Daniel Marín
Murcia / Spain

Masha Melnik
San Francisco / USA

Stanislav Mikus (Slovakia)
represented by Sense Art, Switzerland

Vétroz / Switzerland

Soon Ok Nam
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Hwa Su Park
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Youn Joo Park
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Jana Pažická
represented by BB Contemporary Switzerland

Gina Plunder
Rastatt / Germany

Jean-Francois Reveillard | JfR - yoorart
Engelberg / Switzerland Info

Christoph Rust
Hannover / Germany

SaSa Art (Italy)
represented by WKOMMA GmbH, Cologne / Germany

Andrea Sbra Perego (Italy)
represented by Name1, London / United Kingdom

Massimiliano Schiavon
represented by Glas Art Gallery, Zürich / Switzerland

Ji Hyun Shim
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Wolfgang Sobol | WOMS
Altersbach / Germany

Jun Ho Son
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Yuuko Suzuki
Nadap / Hungary

Hyun Seob Yoon
represented by Harang Gallery, Seoul / Korea

Actual Korean Art

"At the preview, collectors eager to buy and curators eager to discover found a wide and not cheap range of contemporary art in the Rhypark on the banks of the Rhine. Sunshine and live music impressed the visitors. Over cool drinks, professional discussions were held, exhibition agreements were made, or simply art purchases were made. Relaxed art shopping. Described as a 'small but fine art salon', the Rhy Art art fair runs parallel to the big Art Basel. Perhaps that's why Rhy Art is considered a fair for discoveries." Kulturexpresso

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